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Leaders are those who are responsible for their world’ is the new definition of leadership offered by …Read more »

Organizational Development

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About Us

About Us

Context Professionals Corporate Coaching & Consulting was founded by Cahide Akkuzu with the passion to support leaders and organizations to achieve extraordinary business results. We develop our services through combining 25 years of professional executive leadership experience with the skills to develop people and organizations …

Cahide Akkuzu

‘I fully believe in the capacity and resourcefulness of people. I am passionate about supporting people to reach their goals through breaking past their own limits’

I grew up in Germany and returned to İstanbul to study at Bosphorous University leaving all my …

Our Approach

Every individual and every organization has a unique ground: like its history, past, background, positive and negative experiences, success stories, unsuccessful events, physical environment, business-family-social circle, business sector, goals and vision. These current state, conditions and future goals form the unique context of individuals, leaders and …

Our Partners

Context Professional Corporate Coaching & Consulting works with consultants, experts, trainers and certified coaches who qualify through meeting high standards for a successful deployment of the programs. We ensure a timely and successful delivery of our services by forming a program team relevant to the scope and content of the program.

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to Context Professionals Corporate Coaching & Consulting. As a result of many years of experience, you will find services here that are designed to meet the challenges of today. You will witness a journey full of change and joy.

Wether you want to improve your business or your personal life, Context Professionals Corporate Coaching & Consulting offers you insights, strategies, tools, clarity and focus to drive your business to the next level or to reach the extraordinary life that you are longing for. Take a step forward and reach out to us!

With my very best wishes,




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