Leadership Development

‘Leaders are those who are responsible for their world’ this is the definition of leadership offered by The Co-Active Leadership Model. ‘Their world’ refers to all parts that constitute the ground and the context of the leader: the circumstances, attitudes, behavior, beliefs, conditions, environment, relationship with self and others, relationship with circumstances, and relationship with time.

The ‘-Active’ aspect of the model refers to being able to see ones own impact on the circumstances, environment, situations and choosing to take responsibility as co-creators of our lives and our world. The ‘Co-‘ aspect of the model refers to being aware to notice what is needed in the moment and the agility to respond with conscious choice. To actively take part in the co-creation of the circumstances, using whatever happens as an opportunity to evolve and grow as a leader.

This model is applicable to an individual as a leader, to a leadership team and also to the entire organization.

The purpose of our leadership development programs is that leaders as an individual and as a team reach their goals and their vision through consciously choosing to co-create their world.

The purpose of these programs is that the leadership team creates their unique culture that will enable them to reach their goals and their vision. The program enables the leadership team to align around a common future vision through speaking a common leadership language, building harmony and synergy. Building a strong culture top down supports the leadership team to transform the whole organization.

Sample programs:

  • Customer Focused Leadership Culture Program
  • One Future Program
  • Target Based Performance Culture Program

The purpose of these programs is to develop the leadership skills and capabilities of incumbent executives and managers, of individuals promoting to managerial positions, or of a pool of high potential employees seleceted to be developed for future managerial positions. Critical leadership skills covered are: leadership presence, communication, engagement, collaboration, trust building, feedback and feed forward, conflict management, effective decision making, team building, motivating others, growing and developing others.

Sample programs:

  • The Inspiring Leader
  • PeopleCentric Leadership Program
  • Leader as a Coach Program

Executive coaching is a leadership development process that builds a leader’s skills and capabilities to become more impactful towards achieving individual and organizational goals.

Benefits of executive coaching:

  • Increase in performance, achieving challenging goals faster, continuity of increased performance
  • A professional development program creating awareness about your strength and development areas
  • Increases the efficiency of using your knowledge and experience
  • Enables you to use your leadership skills and capabilities more frequently
  • Supports your decision making process during challenging circumstances:
    • Organizational transformation
    • Corporate growth or downsizing
    • Assuming new responsibilities like managing a team
    • Structural changes
    • Assuming a new role
    • Changing jobs
    • Preparing for a new role
  • Enables you to effectively manage your relationships in a busy work environment.
  • Enables you to learn new skills
  • Develops new perspectives through a comprehensive thinking practice

Skills and capabilities developed through executive coaching:

  • Leadership Presence
  • Leadership, management styles and capabilities
  • Delegation vs controling paradox
  • Effective decision making
  • Change management
  • Methods and tools for motivating others
  • Stres management
  • Managing with personal values aligned to corporate values
  • Conflict management and negotiation skills
  • Performance assessment, feedback and feed forward skills
  • Effective relationship management
  • Effective communication skills
  • Team building
  • Coporate governance
  • Work – life balance
  • Working with performance targets and managing with performance targets
  • Career management and planning corporate success
  • Personality theories and working with diverse personalities
  • Coaching skills
  • Emotional Intelligence and impact on work life and realtionships
  • Managing cultural change

Leadership Presence Coaching Program is a personal development program. The aim of the program is to support leaders to reach their personal and professional goals, to enhance their business and management skills, to develop their leadership skills, to form new behavior patterns and develop a new attitude towards becoming a more effective leader.

Benefits of the Leadership Presence Coaching Program

  • Supports you to develop a strong vision for yourself through which you can shape your future.
  • Increases your awareness on the impact you leave on others.
  • Increases your effectiveness to reach your goals as a leader.
  • Gives you a better understanding about yourself, about the people that you lead, about the conditions and context that you are a part of, about organizations and their dynamics. Enables you to make positive change in your life through an integrated approach to all parts of your life.
  • Enables you to adopt a consciously chosen authentic attitude towards all parts in your life where you take leadership, that will lead you to your goals and to your vision.

Skills and capabilities developed through the Leadership Presenece Coaching Program:

  • Increases your leadership capacity.
  • Helps you to discover your own resources and to use them towards reaching your goals.
  • Enables you to develop a new approach, new attitudes, new thinking and behaviours towards becoming a more effective leader.
  • Helps you to understand and manage your impact on others.
  • Helps you to become aware of your leadership skills and to develop them.
  • Helps you to develop your authentic leadership style.
  • Helps you to exercise a more clear and authentic leadership towards yourself and other.
  • Gives you more balance and satisfaction in your personal and professional life.
  • Gives you a wide perspective to understand and interpret organizational systems and the context in a much better way.
  • Helps you to develop your unique strategy and action plan towards achieving your goals and your vision.

A real leadership team is more than a group of executives who work together because of their roles and titles. A real leadership team is a group of executives who share a common vision, have common goals, who collaborate, who consider achieving team goals as a priority, who challenge and hold each other accountable to achieve outstanding team performance.

Team coaching is a collective leadership development process that enables a leadership team to develop their skills and capabilities to become more impactful towards achieving individual, team and organizational goals. We support the leadership team to design their team dynamics, work environment, relationships, communication style and all other common aspects required that enables them to function as a high performing, effective and coherent team. During this process team members form strong interpersonal bonds anchored in trust that motivate them to collaborate for achieving outstanding team performance. We design the content and the duration of the team coaching program according to the needs of the leadership team.

Benefits of team coaching for the leadership team:

  • Creates a leadership team vision, common goals and values
  • Collaboration for achieving common goals
  • Continuous improvement in intra-team relationships and communication
  • Builds a team spirit and enhances collaboration
  • Brings more positivity to the work environment
  • Develops conflict management skills
  • Enables team members to manage diverse personalities easier
  • Enables to resolve issues fast and effectively
  • Uncovers the creative potential of the leadership team
  • Enables the leadership team to manage change effectively
  • Enables leadership team members to leverage their strength, styles and capabilities
  • Increases overall effectiveness, performance and motivation of the leadership team
  • Builds strong intra-team relationships anchored in trust and respect
  • Motivates the leadership team to determine higher goals for themselves
  • Enables the leadership team and its members to hold each other accountable
  • Develops the leadership skills of the team members
  • Increases the satisfaction and individual performance of team members
  • Builds a feedback and feed forward culture within the leadership team
  • Develops new perspectives and a strategic perception
  • Enables the leadership team to cultivate a perspective of creativity and innovation

Benefits of team coaching for the organization:

  • Supports the organization to manage challenging circumstances like transformation, reorganization, growth, downsizing, mergers&acquisitions
  • Enables the organization to achieve its vision and goals
  • Enables the organization to grow and deliver positive results
  • Builds a company culture
  • Uncovers the creative potential of the organization
  • Transforms the whole organization top down through a role model leadership team culture

We support the leadership development of organizations with our consultancy services. We assist organizations to use their full potential effectively towards achieving their goals and reaching their vision.

We support the organization in their journey to adapt to new strategies, change and transformation. We assess the needs of the organization in perspective of their vision, values, culture, language and goals. We provide consultancy services through effectively blending coaching and consultancy tools and methods. We partner with the organization to build effective strategies that deliver long lasting productive results. We focus the organization and the individuals towards using their resources and core strength more effectively.

We ensure timely and successful delivery of our consultancy services through a disciplined and rigorous program and project management approach.

We support the leadership development of organizations with our mentoring services. We provide guidance, knowledge and access to resources to leaders throughout their development process.

In-house Mentoring Program

The purpose of our in-house mentoring programs is to support leadership development through mutual knowledge and experience sharing between executives and employees. The benefit of the in-house mentoring program is that it supports operational excellence and commercial leadership of the organization. We design a program meeting the expectations and needs of the organization in accordance to company vision and goals. We plan and prepare the roll-out of the program, deliver mentor training, and manage the whole process throughout the program until completion. We ensure timely and successful delivery of all in- house mentoring program services through a disciplined and rigorous program and project management approach.

Project-based Mentoring

Our leadership development programs support leaders and organization to reach their goals and vision through adapting to change and new strategies. According to the needs of the organization some of our programs contain in-house projects. We provide project-based mentoring support to these in-house projects in order to assist leaders to achieve long lasting productive results. We ensure timely and successful delivery of all project-based mentoring services through a disciplined and rigorous program and project management approach.

Professional Mentoring

We provide professional mentoring services to leaders to support them in their leadership development journey. We become a trusted partner to them on their way to reach their goals and vision. Our professional mentoring services support leaders with knowledge transfer, sharing experiences, guidance and counceling, feedback, providing access to resources and supporting them to take action.