Our Approach

Every individual and every organization has a unique ground: like its history, past, background, positive and negative experiences, success stories, unsuccessful events, physical environment, business-family-social circle, business sector, goals and vision. These current state, conditions and future goals form the unique context of individuals, leaders and organizations. Even the smallest change in one part of the context will have an impact on all other parts of the system.

Our approach is to design and deliver unique personal development, leadership development and organizational development programs that enable individuals, leaders and organizations to reach their goals by taking their whole context into account.

Our programs are experiential driven, thus we use a creative, developmental and enjoyable approach. Participants learn through actively experiencing real life processes. We use transformational learning methods that enable participants to integrate new attitudes and behavior. We support individuals, leaders and organizations to find their core strength and to use these as leverage to reach their goals. We also use consulting tools as needed. We support organizational development with team coaching, executive coaching, leadership consultancy and executive mentoring.

We use assessment tools prior to the engagement to have an understanding of the profile of the individual, the leader or the organization that we will be working with. While preparing the content of the programs we use the methodology and tools of different approaches as needed, like Gestalt Coaching, Transactional Analysis, ORSC Relationship & Systems Coaching, Co-Active Leadership Model, Appreciative Inquiry, Neuroscience, Deep Democracy, Systems Theory, Conflict Management, Adaptive Leadership Theory and Creative Expressive Arts.

We ensure a timely and successful delivery of our services through a disciplined and rigorous program and project management approach.