Leadership and Self-deception

Leadership and Self-deception

You might think you are a people person. But do you really treat others well? And how can you improve your dealings with those around you? Through a series of entertaining stories, this astonishing book will show you how most of us are not fulfilling our potential – in our personal lives and at work – because of ‘self-deception’. It will show you how to escape your box of self-deception, and change for the better in a lasting way:
* Don’t focus on what others are doing wrong. Do focus on what you can do to help
* Don’t worry whether others are helping you. Do worry whether you are helping others
* Don’t try to be perfect. Do try to be better.

By following this book’s advice, you can deepen your personal happiness, strengthen your relationships, improve your leadership skills, build teamwork – and increase your success in everything you choose to pursue.

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