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TA is a model for understanding human personality, relationships and communication. It was first developed by Eric Berne. Since then, TA has continued to grow. Theory has been expanded, reappraised and tested by observation. In the years since Berne’s death in 1970 TA practitioners have introduced new concepts and techniques that are now at the very heart of the discipline. TA today enjoys international recognition as a professional approach, aiding effectiveness in fields as diverse as psychotherapy, counselling, education, coaching, communications and management training.

TA Today covers all of the concepts of TA at the level of understanding how the model is linked to reality. This book may be considered as a reference for the basic TA concepts, as a starting point in learning TA. Therefore, this book will be useful as an introduction – for someone new in TA, but also as a reference – for someone already familiar with these concepts. The book covers a wide range of great exercises for individuals and for teams.

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